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RELEASE DATE: Thursday 29th September 1938

SYNOPSIS: This classic cartoon features Mickey playing the titular tailor, living in a fairy tale kingdom that is being plagued by a villainous giant. When Mickey successfully swats seven flies at a time and announces to the village that he "killed seven with one blow," he is immediately put on giant-killing duties, with his reward being the hand of the beautiful Princess Minnie. What's a tailor to do? He's got a giant to defeat!

IRVYNE: This cartoon's a classic. It's a lot of fun. I love the animation on the giant.

MUSHU: Well I felt sorry for the giant. It was a bit unfair that they assumed he was a bad guy just because he was large.

MERRYWEATHER: He was just simple. No one ever taught him how to walk responsibly with his height.

MALEFICENT: You just made that up! His parents could have taught him how to walk with his height! He was stepping on everyone and destroying things. He needed to be stopped.

JOHN DARLING: Giants don't have parents. They're just born from the sky. That's what it says in the B.F.G.

MALEFICENT: There you go. You can't blame bad parenting. He was just a bad guy.

WENDY: An unhealthy bad guy! He was a smoker!

IRVYNE: I don't think Disney ever showed heroes smoking for leisure. Donald and Pinocchio smoked, but they had a horrible time of it. It's funny of course, because Walt Disney himself was a smoker, and back in the 30s they had doctors telling people that it was good for your health. But yes, this giant smoked hay.

PASCAL: And he invented the Zippo lighter!

MUSHU: And at the end of the cartoon, they invented sustainable energy! 

IRVYNE: I'm pretty sure in this cartoon Minnie was adopted, because her father was no mouse.

ANNA: Wasn't it Pete?

WENDY: No. He looks a bit like Pete, but that wasn't him.

MALEFICENT: And there was a guard who looked suspiciously like Pluto!

PASCAL: And he was ironically goofy like Goofy, but he looked like Pluto, and spoke like someone else entirely!

IRVYNE: Here's a question for the kids... Who did Mickey Mouse's voice?

NALA: Wasn't it Walt Disney himself?

IRVYNE: Correct! Ten points to Gryffindor!

ANNA: Who did his voice after Walt died?

IRVYNE: That's a good question... He didn't do the voice up until he died, his last time doing the voice was in Fun & Fancy Free in 1947. Just let me do a little bit of research...  
*tap tap tap* 
Okay, after Walt retired from voicing Mickey, the job went to a guy called Jimmy McDonald, and he played the voice until Mickey's Christmas Carol in 1983, where Mickey was taken over by Wayne Allwine. After he died in 2009 the job passed to Bret Iwan, who's the current voice. So there you go. Hey, here's a cool quote... Apparently when Jimmy McDonald was handing the reins over to Wayn Allwine, he said, "Just remember kid, you're only filling in for the boss." How cool is that?

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