Saturday, February 8, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 8th July 1938

SYNOPSIS: In this, the second cartoon featuring Donald's nephews, he is taking them camping as a scout group. They hike through the national park, unaware of all the dangers that lie in store!

IRVYNE: This is another one that I used to watch heaps and heaps as a child. I think it was on Wonderful World of Disney, and we must have recorded it off the T.V., because it was on constant rotation through my childhood.

MERRYWEATHER: It's nice to see Donald being a responsible scout leader. He hadn't been seen as much of a leader before this.

MUSHU: And the nephews were much more helpful this time than they were on their first visit to Unca Donald.

PASCAL: They were TRYING to be helpful, at least.

MICHAEL DARLING: Except for when they cut the rope and made him fall.

MUSHU: They did that to save him from the bear. They didn't know that he'd fall into a geyser and get stuck.

IRVYNE: It's interesting that they set it in a real-world place, Yellowstone National Park.

MERRYWEATHER: I wonder if there really is an "Old Reliable" geyser.

IRVYNE: Wikipedia tells me that there's an "Old Faithful" geyser at Yellowstone, and it erupts every 91 minutes. Looks like Disney took a little bit of license there.

NALA: In New Zealand, they put soap in the geysers to make them erupt, but I didn't see any soap in this one.

IRVYNE: This is an entertaining cartoon that shows the boys being a bit more resourceful, and also establishing that Donald is not very patient with them, and probably isn't the greatest role model for their impressionable young minds...

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