Friday, February 7, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 6th May 1938

SYNOPSIS: Mickey, Donald and Goofy are holidaying in a pretty amazing caravan! One has to wonder though... whose idea was it to let Goofy drive??

JOHN DARLING: That was awesome!

MICHAEL DARLING: Mickey Mouse is really strong! My favourite bit was when Donald Duck was hanging over the cliff and yelling into the phone.

IRVYNE: This is a cartoon that my sister and I used to watch a LOT. I reckon I could just about recite it second-by-second.

MUSHU: Even everything that Donald says?

IRVYNE: "Operator! Operator! Help! Help!"

MUSHU: Oh, is THAT what he was saying?

PASCAL: Yeah, I still can't really understand him. I understood ONE thing he said in that cartoon: "Yeah, who's driving?" The rest was just wak-wak-wak. I did love it though, when Donald was having his bath and he has this big tantrum over maintaining his privacy... This coming from someone who never wears pants.

ANNA: I must say, this film doesn't promote good driving skills. In fact, I'd even say that Goofy wasn't really qualified to drive.

IRVYNE: Who gave him a licence??

MUSHU: And speaking of safety, I didn't see any seatbelts!

WENDY: And don't forget, Mickey was a blatant thief, stealing all of that corn and milk!

ANNA: The most awesome part of this cartoon though, is the way the caravan transforms!

PASCAL: Imagine being able to push a button and change what room you're in!

MALEFICENT: I love the way the caravan packed itself up in the beginning.

IRVYNE: Couldnt you just imagine audiences in 1938: "Every family will have a caravan just like this by the 1980s!"

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