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RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 3rd May 1939

 SYNOPSIS: Donald had three nephews and an off-screen twin sister. But in this cartoon we were introduced to his second cousin, Gus Goose. Similarly to how the boys were sent to Donald along with a letter, Gus appear with a note from Aunt Fanny saying that she's sending Gus to visit. (P.S. "He don't eat much.") Whether that's cruel sarcasm or Aunt Fanny is just dense, I guess we'll never know. Because Gus immediately gets to work eating Donald out of house and home!

MALEFICENT: This is one of my favourites. I know this cartoon very well. I love Cousin Gus.

MICHAEL DARLING: He's a fat goose!

IRVYNE: Probably because he eats so much.

MERRYWEATHER: I'm a bit concerned about how much poultry these ducks and geese consume though.

IRVYNE: "Hey Cousin Gus, you're eating Cousin Doug!" I wonder if Aunt Fanny had a hidden agenda, maybe she just wanted Gus out of the house. Perhaps they'd just run out of food.

WENDY: Poor Donald, with all these unwanted guests.

MUSHU: He needs to get a better lock on his door.

ANNA: When does he meet Daisy?

IRVYNE: That's in a cartoon called Mr. Duck Steps Out. It's coming up fairly soon I think.

MUSHU: I still can't understand a word Donald says, except for "exasperating."

IRVYNE: I must be fluent in wak-wak, because I can understand every word. At least Donald can talk, unlike Cousin Gus. Hey, if Cousin Gus met the Road Runner, who do you think would have the loudest "meep meep?" I suppose Gus barked as well. I wonder how long that sausage would take ti digest...

WENDY: So let me get this straight... We had a duck, pretending to be a cat, being chased by a sausage, who thought it was a dog, inside a goose?

IRVYNE: Correct. Just another day in the wonderful world of Disney. At any rate, Cousin Gus never made a reappearance, so I suppose Donald never welcomed him back.

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