Friday, February 7, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 24th December 1937

SYNOPSIS: The first short cartoon released after Snow White, Lonesome Ghosts sees Mickey, Donald and Goofy acting as the original ghost-busters! They receive a call about a haunted house, and they go to check it out. Can they exorcise these cheeky specters before dawn, or will the ghosts get the better of them?

IRVYNE: I have my doubts that Mickey, Donald and Goofy are really professional ghost-busters! They don't seem to be particularly good at their job!

WENDY: They brought a gun and a mouse trap to catch ghosts!

IRVYNE: They didn't have a proton pack; they didn't even cross the streams!

MALEFICENT: It's a fun cartoon though. The ghosts use some very scary techniques.

WENDY: The mirror scene is very clever, the animation on that is great. The ghosts being see-through was really effective as well.

MALEFICENT: Did you notice, that the animation is very clean all the way through this? The backgrounds are beautifully painted, but they're very still.

SHENZI: As usual, Goofy is very goofy.

IRVYNE: Goofy's always good for a laugh because he's just so stupid.

HAKU: And Donald's always good for a laugh because he's got such a bad temper.

PASCAL: I didn't understand how the ghosts can walk through walls, but then they knock everything over when they're trying to run away.

IRVYNE: I have no idea, you'd have to ask Patrick Swayze about the logistics of that. I know it can seem a bit distressing when cartoons are not 100% realistic. I mean, in REAL life, the ghosts would have just gone straight through the furniture, right?

WENDY: I think Mickey had a facelift in this cartoon. He looks a bit different.

IRVYNE: I was just thinking, since this was made in 1937, Mickey was 10 years old here. So in a single decade he went from Plane Crazy to this. Animation came a VERY long way in those 10 years!

WENDY: Happy birthday, Mickey!

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