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RELEASE DATE: Friday 7th June 1940

SYNOPSIS: This was the cartoon that introduced Daisy Duck to the world. (There had been a female duck in the early cartoon "Don Donald," but her name was Donna Duck) In this cartoon, Donald is very excited to be going around to visit his new girlfriend. He didn't rely on three attention-seeking nephews however! They want to come along and dance as well!

HAKU: I feel a bit sorry for Donald in this one. All he wants is some quality time with his gal!

IRVYNE: Donald may have all the hottest dance moves, but it's still not enough to get rid of Huey, Dewey and Louie!

SHENZI: Those nephews are a pain in the butt! They just CRAVE attention!

PASCAL: They're starting to channel Uncle Donald's moods. You can see it in their frustrated eyes and the drumming of the fingers. I love how Daisy just takes everything in her stride. I'm not sure if she's just really understanding of their craziness, or perhaps she's just a ditz.

IRVYNE: She seems unconcerned with the nephews. She just wants to dance. And let's be honest, by the end of the cartoon she's very impressed! "What a jitterbug!"
Daisy's design never really changed from her very first appearance here. She's got more feathers than Donald down below, and they're arranged in a kind of skirt. Apart from that, she's just Donald with eyelashes and a bow. It's interesting she was originally meant to have a "wak-wak" voice like Donald. That changed over the years.
One of the standout elements of this cartoon is its music. The style of the tunes and dancing were very contemporary in 1940. It was considered extremely modern.


PASCAL: I enjoyed that one. It made me giggle. I find that I'm enjoying the Donald cartoons better now that I can understand what he's saying a bit better!

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