Thursday, May 7, 2015



SHENZI: My top three - Aladdin, The Lion King and Big Hero 6 - are all about family and where to belong. Aladdin has to be Number 1, as the music is so amazing and the movie is full of mystery and wonder. I particularly love Abu and the Magic Carpet. It's definitely the Genie who makes this movie though! R.I.P. Robin Williams...

The Lion King is a ground breaking movie, and it's obviously been the inspiration for my avatar on this blog! By actually showing Mufasa die, it makes you realise how fragile life is and what true family means. You can't go past the powerful music in this movie either. It's so incredible. The comic relief of Pumba and Timon truly makes this movie brilliant, along with old Rafiki ("Hush-bish-kwana-squash-banana")

Big Hero 6 is a modern classic with amazing imagery and family values paramount. It's so great!

SHENZI: I find the Fantasia films to be like sketch shows: there's too many different stories, and therefore I don't make any major connection. Most of the music is good, but I don't appreciate them much as overall movies.

SHENZI: The only ones I missed are a few of the package films of the 1940s, so I did pretty well!

All Disney films have elements of romance, humour and family values, and I think it's the latter that really pulls on the heart-strings. It's been great to watch them this year. I am most definitely satisfied with my care!

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