Tuesday, May 5, 2015


MALEFICENT: "A Disney Film Is Only As Good As Its Villain" used to be my motto... But now I have a variety of reasons for picking my faves: the villain, the hero, the comic timing, the artwork, the music, the story... All of these elements come together to make my favourites.

Sleeping Beauty will always hold the top spot in my heart. A combination of the best evil villain (obviously!) matched with the fantastic artwork in the style of Eyvind Earle, beautiful Tchaikovsky music and a good telling of a classic fairytale make it the best.
There are some films with such amazing songs, they've got a permanent place in history. The writers, singers and film attached to those songs will be part of that legacy and never forgotten. That in itself is a special thing. 

MALEFICENT: You'll notice I prefer hand drawn animation, as the 3D films aren't up in the top of my list. This is just my preferred style of animation, but I have to admit, Big Hero 6 & Wreck-It Ralph are such excellent films that they rank higher than many of the 2D films.


2014's "Year of Disney" was a very special year for me. I've always loved Disney films and they were a huge part of my childhood. It's been wonderful to see the progression, fill the gaps with things I'd missed, and see some films I hadn't revisited in a long time. Most of all, it was great to do it all with such an amazing group of fun people who share some of the best common interests!!!

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