Thursday, May 7, 2015


PASCAL: Yes, it seems the new stuff is my fvourite. Frozen is at the top of my list because it has it all: girl power, a touch of romance (but not too much!), quirky sidekicks, laughs, tears, amazing animation and songs that I never seem to get sick of!

PASCAL: Dinosaur is at the bottom because... well, it's boring. Deadly boring! And bleugh. To be honest, I can't even remember why I didn't like it so much; It was so bad, I've blanked it from my memory!

Apart from that, I love Disney so much because it is magical! It can transport you to worlds you can only dream of. No matter what age you are, you can be a Disney Princess at heart... or at least in costume! You can learn so much from Disney. I can't get enough of it... And don't get me started on the theme parks!!

I think I'll be a Disney Princess forever...

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