Saturday, May 9, 2015


RAPUNZEL: My order is influenced a lot by nostalgia. Aladdin, The Rescuers and Oliver & Company were my favourites as a child, but now Tangled, Beauty & the Beast and Mulan are my favourites as well. I love the characters and storylines in these movies the most. Aladdin is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favourite movies ever made. I also love that Mulan and Tangled have strong female lead characters.

RAPUNZEL: With Disney films you can always expect an amazing level of quality. While I have to rate all of the movies from favourite to least favourite, I realise I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every Disney movie I have seen. (Except Dinosaur, I really hate Dinosaur...)

Each film has a unique story, wonderful characters and a new place to take its audience. From the modern, more relatable gaming references of Wreck-It Ralph to classics from the '50s like Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty which have a specific magic that's no longer around in movies today.

Snow White is down the bottom of the list simply because she's useless and needs everyone else to look after her and rescue her. I do like other characters in the movie though; the Evil Queen is awesome. Chicken Little doesn't feel like a Disney movie at all. It seems to be missing a lot of those magic elements I mentioned earlier. It is still a fun watch though. Dinosaur is... not worth mentioning.

There are still quite a few Disney movies I need to watch, including the newest one Big Hero 6, but this experience has certainly influenced me to do so. I can't think of a more magical set of movies, and it was great getting to experience them with such a Disney-passionate group!

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