Sunday, May 3, 2015


MERRYWEATHER: I've chosen The Princess and the Frog as my Number 1, because life has twists, and this is reflected in the story. We all want health and happiness for ourselves and others, and we think our lives need to go a certain way. However, our dreams can come true in ways we had never even considered! I thought the movie would follow the classic fairy-tale, but I never thought Tiana would become a frog and marry Naveen! Her goal was her career; she just wanted her restaurant.

The rest of my "Top 5" are there because of their strong themes of sibling love. I love The Little Mermaid for its songs and characters. Ariel sees Eric for who he really is; it doesn't matter that he isn't a merman. Her father can't see past that fact.

MERRYWEATHER: I have 18 films to watch for homework!

Disney films are so special. They can have you in tears or fits of laughter. They touch peoples' hearts in different ways, and they bring out different emotions with each viewing.

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