Tuesday, June 10, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 2nd November 1951

SYNOPSIS: Donald has a new hobby: model trains! Everything is in miniature and he is living the life of a blissful train driver... UNTIL... a gigantic tree is in the way! And it's not to scale! Either are the two cheeky little chipmunks living in the tree! So they've got to go! Donald has had many run-ins with Chip and Dale before, but this one is a little bit different; once they settle in, Donald actually thinks they're really cute, and he goes out of his way to make them comfortable. Surely this bliss can't last though..

MERRYWEATHER: That was so cute!

SHENZI: The only thing out of scale was Donald! It was strange to see some real collaboration there. They were actually working together, instead of fighting each other the whole time.

PASCAL: Donald was TRYING to be nasty. But then he called them cute. "Is everything okay?"

IRVYNE: It was a bit different, wasn't it?

SHENZI: But he couldn't stay nice for very long, and had to become mean again.

MERRYWEATHER: He didn't have any of his standard hissy-fits.

PASCAL: You could see he was ABOUT to, when the light stopped working. But the chipmunks distracted him before it could get out of control.

IRVYNE: You don't have to look very far to see who the inspiration was here. Donald's spends his time with model trains because that's exactly what Walt Disney used to love to do. On his property he had huge expansive train sets that he could take people on rides with.

This is a great little cartoon, and it's nice to see them thinking outside the box of the regular character interactions.

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