Sunday, June 1, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 23rd March 1951

SYNOPSIS: It's snowing! Donald is trying to shovel the snow out of his driveway, while Chip and Dale are trying to do the exact same thing, on a smaller scale. As usual, a power struggle soon ensues between the duck and the chipmunks, this time revolving around a collection of popcorn which Donald has bought to keep him warm on a cold winter's day. Who will end up with the bounty of corn?

PASCAL: I love them!

SHENZI: We love Chip and Dale!

IRVYNE: Have you noticed with Chip and Dale cartoons, it sometimes feels like the entire thing is in fast-forward? Not only do they talk at double-speed, but the pacing of everything just seems to speed up, even the way Donald moves!

PASCAL: I'd never realised that Chip and Dale were so recognisably different. Chip has a black nose and one tooth, and Dale has a red nose and two teeth.

HAKU: And Dale's a bit dopey... I thought this cartoon showed its age a bit. These days popcorn would be associated with watching a movie, not sitting down to read a book.

IRVYNE: Very true. This is another funny one. It's a classic Donald farce.

MALEFICENT: When will Donald ever come out on top?

HAKU: I dunno, I found this cartoon a bit corny...

EVERYONE ELSE: *grrrooooaaaannnnn*

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