Sunday, June 1, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 13th October 1950

SYNOPSIS: The little bee is all set for a relaxing day at the beach. Unfortunately he didn't count on the annoyance of a selfish duck by the name of Donald! Donald is also looking forward to a relaxing beach day, but there's only one vacant spot left, and it ain't big enough for the both of them! Someone's going to have to go!

MALEFICENT: Hilarious! This is an old classic!

HAKU: At the end, when the bee was looking through the telescope, it heralded the approach of the ending, with the circle closing in to darkness.

PASCAL: I found a mistake The bee punches four holes in the boat but Donald plugs them up with only three toes! I liked how versatile Donald's umbrella was though!

HAKU: I reckon they should do an episode of Mythbusters where they try and replicate all of the laws of physics in Donald Duck cartoons. Like if you were floating down with an umbrella, could you puff your breath to make you go back up?

IRVYNE: Who do you think was the worse character in this cartoon? At the start, Donald didn't realise he was being a pain. He didn't even know the bee was there. The bee actively tried to have Donald killed!

MALEFICENT: And the bee said "come over here" and kicked a big pile of sand in Donald's face. He's rotten!

SHENZI: But the bee could have stung Donald and he didn't.

PASCAL: He didn't want to sting Donald, because then he would have killed himself.

MALEFICENT: Donald wasn't worth committing suicide over!

HAKU: Donald should have shown better BEE-haviour.

EVERYBODY ELSE: *grrroooooaaaannn*

SHENZI: Did you notice that there's nobody else in the water?

IRVYNE: Donald probably missed the sign that says: "Danger. Sharks. Do Not Swim Here." Also, there's nobody else on the whole beach!

MALEFICENT: And on such a beautiful day!

HAKU: Must have been due to all the animation layoffs. There weren't enough people to animate the other characters.

IRVYNE: I do like this cartoon quite a lot. Thanks to watching it A LOT as a child, I can pretty much recite the entire thing, sound effect-by-sound effect.

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