Tuesday, June 10, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 8th February 1952

SYNOPSIS: As a semi-sequel to Dumbo, we once again open with an incompetent stork delivering baby animals. This time it's his job to deliver baby lambs, but he's somehow got a little lion in the bundle. Since the mother sheep takes an instant liking to the little cub, he stays with the sheep flock, growing up as the laughing stock amongst the other little lambs. Maybe one day he'll manage to prove himself...

IRVYNE: This is an all-time Disney classic. I remember it being shown at the beginning of a movie in the cinemas a long time ago, although I can't remember which one. It might have been The Lion King.

SHENZI: It's got a good moral message.

IRVYNE: And that message is?

SHENZI: ... Don't pick on lions.

ANNA: The sheep won't tease him NOW!

WENDY: That stork has got to be the most unreliable delivery service!

SHENZI: I liked the way it all rhymed.

IRVYNE: Yeah, it was all quite subtle, but cleverly written. And that chorus is just so catchy! You only need to hear it once and you'll be able to sing it.

PASCAL: He was such a cute little bubby lion.

SHENZI: And then he turned into a huge lion.

IRVYNE: I'm not quite sure what the reasoning was behind this film's release. The Silly Symphonies had well-and-truly ended, most of the short cartoons were Donalds or Goofys, and then there was Lambert at the start of 1952. It was nominated for an Oscar for best short cartoon that year, but it lost to a Tom and Jerry. Shame.

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