Friday, May 23, 2014

SOUP'S ON (1948)

RELEASE DATE: Friday 15th October 1948

SYNOPSIS: Donald and the nephews are on a camping trip, staying in a cottage in the woods. While Donald prepares dinner, the boys are outside playing and getting dirty. Being a responsible and strict uncle, Donald tells them there's no dinner until they wash up, but the boys are smarter than that! Things escalate. Things get strange. I wouldn't want to spoil how it ends!

ANNA: There was no soup! They were eating turkey! Does that make them cannibals?

IRVYNE: There was some soup at the start. Remember, Donald was sampling it? But yes, it's very very disturbing that these ducks are eating turkey.

ANNA: Those kids are ungrateful little monsters.

SHENZI: Yes they are. You can't really defend them, they're naughty.

IRVYNE: Of course, the trouble all starts because they don't want to wash... which of course, every self-respecting little boy WOULDN'T.

HAKU: I was wondering why his house was different, but he does say that they're on vacation.

SHENZI: It was a bit like the seven dwarfs' cottage.

IRVYNE: It was funny to hear Donald sing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah." A bit of self-promotion there. They like to do that. Remember when he sang "Heigh-Ho" in The Riveter?

HAKU: I noticed a Dutch-Tilt shot on the stairwell.

IRVYNE: Yeah, I saw that. And there was another one when Donald appeared at the door. Creates some good dramatic tension!

HAKU: I wonder how recent that cinematic technique was.

IRVYNE: The bit that always makes me laugh a lot is when Donald hears the kids crying and his response is, "Ahh, shaddap!" He's such a caring uncle!

SHENZI: Where are their parents?

IRVYNE: Maybe Dumbella and whoever the boys' father is just needed some time off, so they convinced Unca Donald to take them away into the woods.

HAKU: I wonder why angels need to play Hawaiian music on the harp!

IRVYNE: Good point. I suppose some people might think of Hawaii as Heaven. I love that this cartoon is so unpredictable. At the start, you'd never guess where it's going to end. It's one of the greats. I love this one.

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