Saturday, May 24, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 23rd September 1949

Mickey had been a cartoon star. Donald had been a cartoon star. But what about that awkward third wheel, the dog-human creature called Goofy? He had his own series of cartoons as well. Most of his cartoons were presented as a kind of "how-to" instructional movie, and of course, Goofy always gets everything wrong. In this, one of his most famous cartoons, he is working on getting fit and building muscle with a home gym set.

ANNA: As a gymnast, I can definitely confirm that Goofy was NOT doing gymnastics!

SHENZI: It sure was goofy though!

HAKU: I hope Goofy got paid well for making this cartoon!

IRVYNE: Well, it's a good lesson for anyone who thinks that exercise is a good thing. Hehe.

HAKU: At the start of the cartoon, it made it clear that only men come home tired and stressed.

IRVYNE: It was a very cool post box! I didn't know they had THEM back in the '40s!

HAKU: It's interesting that Donald lives in the suburbs and Goofy has a city apartment.

IRVYNE: I wonder what the thought process behind that was. Anyway. This is a pretty funny cartoon, but I don't think it's as good as the best Donalds. Interesting fact: Goofy Gymnastics was shown on the cinema screen in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But having it there was an error, since Roger Rabbit was set in 1947, and Goofy Gymnastics wasn't released until 1949. Oops.

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