Thursday, May 15, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 5th March 1948

SYNOPSIS: I think this is a story we can all relate to. Donald is tired. Like, exhausted. All he wants to do is sleep. But that is not to be. The world conspires against the poor duck to keep him from falling asleep. As he lies there inches away from slumber, a dripping tap begins to sound like bombs falling. He knows that he will never get to sleep until he fixes that blasted tap!

MALEFICENT: I love that one! It's so funny! Donald's muttering is the best. And I love the corkscrew drip.

WENDY: I love how the animators just run with an idea. It just keeps going and going and going, getting bigger and bigger.

IRVYNE: It's a topic everyone can identify with. When all you want to do is sleep, the tiniest sound can seem like the loudest thing in the world.

WENDY: It was very clever how the shots would change to match Donald's perception of the noise. I loved the shot where the sink dropped right down.

SHENZI: I loved Donald's apparatus with the mouse trap. The lengths he'll go to just to get some rest!

IRVYNE: And even though he was catching the water, he still wasn't getting to sleep. Poor Donald. This is a great cartoon. Classic Donald.

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