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RELEASE DATE: Thursday 28th June 1946

SYNOPSIS: Donald is once again in Daisy's bad books. She says until he develops a better personality she doesn't ever want to see him again! Just when our favourite bad-tempered duck is thinking he's lost his girl for good, he comes across an absolute doppelganger! This new duck looks exactly like Donald, but he is polite, well-spoken and a true gentleman. Donald decides to use this convenient double to get back on Daisy's good side. Unfortunately, he didn't count on the new duck taking quite a liking to Daisy himself!

IRVYNE: This cartoon is like the sequel to the recent "Cured Duck." Donald's still trying to impress Daisy, she's still not convinced he's the right duck for her, and she's also fairly sensitive about her choice of hats.

WENDY: For someone so intelligent and eloquent, that other guy was a mean duck!

IRVYNE: He was just competitive!

WENDY: He certainly charmed Daisy!

IRVYNE: And let's be honest, Daisy would be a whole lot better off with the other guy.

SHENZI: Yeah, but Donald's got some endearing qualities.

PASCAL: He does try really hard. 

WENDY: He clearly WANTS it to work. Look at the tally of kisses and hugs that he was keeping! And anyway, she's stuck around this long. How long had they been going out?

IRVYNE: Not that long. Their first date in "Mr. Duck Steps Out" was in 1940, so I suppose that makes it 6 years. Yeah, you're right. I think Daisy would know what she'd got herself in for by this stage! But, as we've learned from the more recent cartoons, Daisy has a pretty darn big temper herself! 

ANNA: Daisy seems to have developed a lot in the chest area...

PASCAL: Yes. And Donald had lots of money this time.

IRVYNE: Maybe he's been robbing more piggy banks.

HAKU: ... Or washing more dishes.

IRVYNE: This is a great cartoon. Definitely one of the better Donalds.

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