Sunday, March 16, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 13th December 1940

SYNOPSIS: Donald's "job du jour" is a fireman. As expected, Donald is not very good at his job, but he certainly WANTS to be good. His biggest mistake was probably involving his troublemaking nephews. In typical Donald Duck fashion, everything goes wrong and disaster ensues. All good fun!

IRVYNE: This is a really great cartoon. It's classic Donald. Everything goes wrong. He just can't win. Ah, it makes me laugh.

MERIDA: I love the good old cartoon gravity laws... or lack thereof!

NALA: Donald thought the petrol was water!

MICHAEL DARLING: He blew the fire station up!

MUSHU: All because he didn't listen to his nephews!

MICHAEL DARLING: Nephews do tell the truth sometimes!

NALA: It's not the nephews' fault. They did a prank, but Donald was the one who caused the fire.

IRVYNE: He's such a bully to those poor boys. He really is a dreadful role-model.

HAKU: Donald Duck is like the original Homer Simpson.

IRVYNE: It almost feels like the nephews have given up trying to deal with Donald's stupidity by now. They warn him of the danger, he tells them to get lost, so they just shrug and get themselves to safety.

SHENZI: With their hats on their tails! So cute!

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