Sunday, March 16, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 9th May 1941
SYNOPSIS: Donald visits a penny arcade with the intention of spending a small bit of money for a lot of entertainment. He watches a risque "Dance of the Seven Veils" nickelodeon starring a duck that looks suspiciously like Daisy, before having fights with the skill-tester and a model aeroplane.

JOHN DARLING: That one wasn't as good as Fire Chief.

NALA: Donald just kept wasting his money.

SHENZI: He's very, very greedy. He should just enjoy what he gets for his money.

PASCAL: Karma always gets him. And yet he doesn't ever seem to realise this!

HAKU: I didn't realise Nickelodeons were so slow. I thought they were flicked along faster, like a movie.

IRVYNE: Yeah, the ones I've seen were like little silent movies. Perhaps these were just really old-style nickelodeons that Donald was watching. They were only 1c per view, after all...

MUSHU: A dime is 10c, right? None of these attractions cost 10c... Oh wait, maybe it all added up to a dime... He spent five ones and a five... Is that right?

IRVYNE: Probably. The plane was the most expensive. There's this sense of irony that Donald, who's technically a duck, attempts to fly, flapping his arms crazily through the air.

WENDY: That was a really cool plane! I want one!

IRVYNE: This is a fairly funny cartoon, but I've got to agree with John, Fire Chief was much funnier. They'd definitely made an industry out of the Donald Duck cartoons by this point, and they knew what people wanted and churned out cartoons at a rate of almost one per month. So yeah, some of them definitely turned out better than others. It's not a BAD cartoon, but it's not one of the best.

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