Monday, March 17, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 5th December 1941

SYNOPSIS: Donald is busy gluing recipes into his cookbook when Old Mother Mallard's cooking show begins on the radio. Eager to make some golden brown waffles, Donald follows the radio's instructions perfectly... except of course, when he accidently puts glue in the mixture! Disaster follows, Donald loses his temper and the audience gets a great laugh!

PASCAL: Donald could have avoided all of this disaster if he'd just looked at what he was doing.

SHENZI: He should have followed the instructions.

PASCAL: He WAS following the instructions, he just wasn't LOOKING. It's probably also a good lesson to everyone, that you shouldn't have glue on the same table as your cooking products.

MICHAEL DARLING: Why didn't he just pick up the baking powder instead of the rubber cement?

IRVYNE: Because he's Donald Duck, and nothing ever goes right for him.

WENDY: I love the roast duck gag at the start! Poor Donald!

NALA: When he was blowing up his hat, it looked like he was vomiting!


HAKU: For me, the biggest laugh in the cartoon was Donald's little "yes" after the radio asked if he was ready to begin. Perfect comic timing. Film students might have also noticed the "Dutch-Tilt" shot in there, when the mixture started to whirl the waffle iron around.

IRVYNE: I love all of the visual humour in this cartoon! Why is it so entertaining to see Donald lose his temper? It just makes me laugh without fail. This cartoon also has a really great soundtrack. If you pay attention to how the organ music is matching everything that's happening to Donald, it's very clever. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's another one of the great Donald classics.

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