Monday, March 31, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 10th April 1942

SYNOPSIS: Donald is overjoyed to see that it's snowing outside, so he rugs up and ventures out to enjoy a nice frosty day. What he didn't count on was his nephews wanting to enjoy the snow as well. Before long things have escalated into a full-blown war. Who will emerge triumphant? Whose side will you be on?

IRVYNE: Another hugely entertaining "Donald and nephews" cartoon.

SHENZI: This cartoon is not scientifically accurate.

MALEFICENT: But it is wonderful!

PASCAL: The water melting upwards was cool!

IRVYNE: Cartoons are not SUPPOSED to be scientifically accurate, that's what makes them cartoons!

PASCAL: I also loved their singing. "Wak wak wak, wak wak wak wak!"


WENDY: Donald's such a bully!

IRVYNE: I wonder if Dumbella realises what a terrible uncle he actually is!

MERRYWEATHER: She didn't send them to him on this occasion, he just happened to meet them outside.

IRVYNE: There is a noticeable lack of parental guidance here. What did she say to them? "Just go outside and play in the snow, and darn the consequences?"

MALEFICENT: That's what parents did back then!

IRVYNE: Something I just noticed, was that this cartoon was released in America in April, when they are well and truly into their springtime. I wonder if it was supposed to be released earlier, or if it wasn't supposed to link in with the real world seasons. One thing I can say though, seeing how much fun they got up to, I wish it snowed here! I'd love to have a snow war with MY nephews!

SHENZI: That would be awesome!


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