Tuesday, April 7, 2015


RELEASE DATE: Saturday 5th March 2011

SYNOPSIS: Originally screened at the Brussels Animation Film Festival and later appearing as an opener for Winnie The Pooh, The Ballad of Nessie is a short movie told using traditional animation. A green Scottish dragon named Nessie is kicked out of her home by developers who want to open a golf course. Taking her only little friend McQuack with her, Nessie tries to find a new home. Eventually she can't hold her emotions in anymore. She cries and cries, and her tears create Loch Ness.

WENDY: That's a very nice little film. And we all learned a lesson.

MALEFICENT: Yeah. You're allowed to cry.

IRVYNE: ... and make a lake. 

MERRYWEATHER: It's very sweet.
HAKU: I can't believe they named the place Glenkeane! That's a very clever little nod!

ANNA: I can't believe Billy Connolly has anything to do with Disney!
IRVYNE: What do you mean? He was a voice actor in Pocahontas. And he was the king in Brave. He's practically part of the Disney furniture!

PASCAL: The little rubber ducky is so cute!

IRVYNE: It's great how they designed it to look very much like the movies of the '40s. This could fit right in as a segment in Make Mine Music or Melody Time!

MALEFICENT: I love how there's tartan design everywhere, even on the hills.

WENDY: The purple heather is so beautiful.

IRVYNE: It makes me so happy that Disney makes short films again. This one is very cute.

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