Sunday, April 19, 2015

GET A HORSE! (2013)

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 27th November 2013

 SYNOPSIS: A witty re-imagining of classic Disney cartoons, Get A Horse was very cleverly marketed as a newly-discovered "lost" cartoon from the 1920s. When it had its American premiere at the Disney D23 expo, many of the audience members were extremely excited to be some of the first people to see this lost piece of Disney history. Imagine their surprise then, when the characters started popping right out of the screen in 3D!

MALEFICENT: So clever!

PASCAL: So awesome!

ANNA: This is my absolute favourite short!

WENDY: I don't know, I think I prefer Paperman.

ANNA: It's definitely made for 3D viewing, but it's still funny without glasses.

IRVYNE: Yeah, when you're seeing it at the cinema for the first time and the characters pop right out at you, it's a pretty amazing moment. I can remember when we first saw Frozen at the cinema, the audience all gave a collective gasp at that moment. They all clapped and cheered at the end too. Audiences really do love clever and inventive concepts... They enjoy good comedy too!

MERRYWEATHER: There's jokes in there for older people and younger people.

IRVYNE: You know, there are moments in this film that are almost beyond the realms of G-rated taste!

MALEFICENT: I can't believe that Clarabelle Cow flashes her udder to hitch a ride! That's fantastic!

ANNA: And then she plays them as bagpipes!

MALEFICENT: It's so cool when you can see the colour through the hole in the screen. I can't help but stare at it when that happens! I love the water when it comes whooshing out too.

IRVYNE: The 2D animation is so great. You can tell they studied the classics really hard to get the characters looking and acting just like they did in 1928.

WENDY: The concept is amazing. Who would even think of this?

MALEFICENT: It's hilarious when Mickey realises his pants are red.

HAKU: It's great that they got Walt Disney's voice to do all of Mickey's lines.

IRVYNE: Yeah, that adds the ultimate touch of authenticity. I love this short. I could watch it a hundred times.

WENDY: It's so cool having seen where all these characters began in the past year. It gives a great appreciation of where this film was coming from.


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