Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FEAST (2014)

RELEASE DATE: Friday 7th November 2014
SYNOPSIS: Winston, a stray Boston Terrier puppy, gets adopted by a single bachelor and lives the high life, eating everything that comes his way. But when the big guy starts showing more interest in a lady than his faithful pup, things start to go a little rocky...

SHENZI: I love this! It's like the circle of life.

PASCAL: You're right, it rotates back to where it started. It's so CUTE! It's amazing how well they can tell a story without words.

MALEFICENT: It's a beautiful story.

IRVYNE: They must have had a lot of reference footage of adorable little doggies. Winston is such a believable character. Every little whine, every lick, every little movement just melts your heart.

PASCAL: He eats so much food, but he doesn't get fat!

IRVYNE: Yeah, when I first saw this, I was expecting him to turn into this grossly overweight dog because of all the human food he was being fed. Kind of like that episode of Simon's Cat...

MALEFICENT: Winston must have been taken for lots of walks to burn off all of the food.

IRVYNE: This short movie won the Academy Award AND the Annie Award for Best Animated Short Film, being the second of the modern Disney era to win the Oscar in that category. Do you know something I just discovered while researching that? Pixar, with its extensive catalogue of BRILLIANT animated shorts, has only ever won the Oscar twice as well. The first win was for Geri's Game in 1997 and then For The Birds in 2001. I wonder if it will be Pixar or Disney who reach a third Oscar first!


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