Sunday, April 13, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 29th January 1943

SYNOPSIS: Donald is driving a little too fast in his car, and blows a tyre. (Tire?) His challenge then, is to change a tyre. Not that difficult, right? Nothing is ever easy for Donald Duck, especially since World War II has created a rubber shortage, and blowouts need to be patched rather than replaced. Hilarity ensues.

SHENZI: I love the slapstick humour in this, when everything just goes from bad to worse.

MALEFICENT: I love how he just keeps getting stuck in things!

IRVYNE: Poor Donald. The universe just doesn't love him.

PASCAL: I'm very glad we don't have a rubber shortage... and we have roadside assist. I didn't understand why the crank was so long.

IRVYNE: Maybe back then they just didn't understand how to do cranking properly. I like this cartoon. It's not Donald's greatest theatrical short, but there's some good laughs in here.

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