Sunday, April 27, 2014


RELEASE DATE: Friday 26th October 1945

SYNOPSIS: Donald is coming around to visit Daisy, but because of his cigar smoking (!) Daisy wants to open a window. Donald's inability to open said window results in one of his all-time hugest temper tantrums. A horrified Daisy tells him that she will no longer date him until he has his temper under control. After some rigorous training from the Tootsberry Institute of Temperism, Donald has a second attempt, trying to prove that he's cured of his bad temper. Will he succeed...?

HAKU: Walt Disney. Celebrating domestic violence and cigar smoking since 1945.

IRVYNE: Yes. Daisy wasn't happy about him smoking, of course, but she was okay with it as long as they opened a window.

WENDY: And then we saw Donald overreact just a little bit. But I think Daisy's got the capacity to overreact as well.

IRVYNE: I wonder if bad tempers are just naturally inherent in ducks...

SHENZI: I thought it was funny when he got smashed on the head that he got an egg on his head... because he's a duck.

IRVYNE: It's also adorable how Donald and Daisy kiss, conducting electricity with their beaks!

WENDY: Donald got a very cool machine! I liked how it put its hands on its hips.

ANNA: It was like a child-based behaviour modification program.

PASCAL: You could see him calming down as he counted to ten.

IRVYNE: Well I hope someone was looking after the nephews that time. Maybe Donald had finally sent them home to his sister!

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