Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 RELEASE DATE: Saturday 25rd May 1935

SYNOPSIS: In the Land of Sweets, the people are all preparing to crown the Cookie Queen. One poor gingerbread girl is sad she can't enter because she is plain-looking and doesn't have a pretty dress. A happy gingerbread man comes to her rescue, making her up to look beautiful. After she is crowned queen, she is told she needs to pick a king. But who will she pick...? Will it have a happy ending...?? (In short, yes.)

MALEFICENT: That was cute! And delicious!

SHENZI: It had lots of puns. It was very punny!

IRVYNE: I can remember watching this one quite a lot as a kid. It was on a video that we used to hire from the video store. Even though it's been ages, I can still remember each part just before it happens.

WENDY: The licorice was a little bit racist. It seems like almost every cartoon from the 30s had a touch of racism in it.

MALEFICENT: That's all right. People loved racism back in those days! LOL!

IRVYNE: When the queen is looking at all the different suitors, apparently they're all different styles of Vaudeville, which as a type of entertainment was drying up around the early-to-mid 30s. I'm sure the oldies would have got a kick out of seeing the different acts though.

PASCAL: It was clever and cute how the gingerbread man turned her into the beautiful princess, and I also liked the way he got his crown and cape at the end.

SHENZI: A jam roll cape! Nice.

MALEFICENT: Yes. It was all quite clever.

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